Hardesty Mnt. to Mount June via Sawtooth

December 14, 1980

This long hike coincided almost with the shortest day of the year . . . flashlights were indeed needed before it finished! Starting at the main trail head on Highway 58, the party was soon strung out along its lower stretch (which has been recently worked on). Knee-deep snow was encountered on the immediate approaches to Hardesty Lookout site, and again on the last haul to the top of Mount June. Betty, Margaret, Lee and John completed this vigorous, but very satisfying 16-mile walk, visiting both lookouts; Wilbur elected to lunch atop Sawtooth Rock; and other members of the group turned back at various points along the trail. Hikers were Brenda and Larry Christensen, Lee Hatch, Margaret Crosland, Betty Legris, Wilbur Groner, Steve Peterson, and John Cecil, leader.

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