South Jetty Beach

November 23, 1980

When this beach trip was scheduled in January, the leader did not check the tide tables. He was surprised to learn that there was 10.l high tide early afternoon which meant that there was insufficient beach for our hike. The area was changed to the five miles of beach south of the Siuslaw South Jetty. There was steady rain from Eugene until the group parked at South Jetty when the rain stopped. When we stopped for lunch, the rain resumed briefly. Otherwise we walked under generally broken, but sunny skies. The beach was strewn with starfish, seaweed, and other small sealife left by the high winds and high tides of the previous two days. We plan to-reschedule this hike (Waldport to Yachats) for spring on a day when the tides are low midday. Hikers, who sign up and don’t show because of rain in Eugene, take note; The Eugene and coast weather are often different. I’ve never spent a bad day at the coast even in the rain. Hikers who braved the threat of rain and found sun were, Bernie Claypool, Bernie David, Bob Devine, Bob Foster, Bob Glasser, Joan Haines, Karen Houglum, Richard Heinzkill, Beverly Leach, Carol Musson, Juli Natvig, Betty Legris, Morey Peterson, Dave Predeek, Henrietta Richmond, Charlene Simpson, Ted Stern, Betty Taylor, Virginia Vincent and leader Joe Lowry.

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