Fall Creek Trail

October 25, 1980

Fog lifted by 10:15 a.m. as ten enthused hikers started at Road 1833 down the new 4-mile stretch of Fall Creek Trail. Big maple leaves had fallen, Brown and wet. Mushrooms were popping up all along; at least twenty varieties. Alas, with no experts to identify them, we just tasted red huckleberries, Oregon grapes, and oxalis. Nature’s beauty was revealed in moss-covered trees and logs, bird calls, log bridges, a duck in flight, some quail, little lizards, and even a snake.

As we ate lunch on big rocks by the creek, a water ouzel entertained us with his “dipping.” Bits of sunshine brightened the gold and red maple leaves in the more open last four miles, and we all agreed it was a beautiful trail, with its ups and downs. From a high point we saw farms below. Out came rain gear of all colors mid-afternoon when a shower hit us. It stopped before we reached our destination down at Bedrock Camp. Elizabeth’s VW van simplified the car shuttle. It was a good eight-mile trek on a “rain foresty” trail.

Congenial hikers were Dick and Elaine Barrar, Elizabeth McMullen, Bob Capron, Becky Kurtz, Brian Smith, Kim McLain, Marian Wood, Jeanie Holmes, who joined us at Unity Market, and leader Helen Lynch.

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