Chucksney Mt.

October 12, 1980

Fourteen sign-ups brought forth seven hardy hikers who gathered at the Chucksney Mt. trailhead on a dreary, rainy Sunday morning. A check of watches showed 10:10 as we commenced onward and upward — not quite sure of what the day would bring, but hoping for the best.

The trail itself was the nicest thing that happened all day. During the past summer, the Forest Service had obliterated the old, grueling “no nonsense straight up the side of the mountain” trail and substituted long-gently graded switchbacks that were a pleasure to hike. Mile four brought us to the crest of a ridge where an abrupt turn, was made to leave the Chucksney helispot. Arriving there at last, we found our lunch spot short on views and long on blustery wind-blown rain.

Lunch was an abbreviated affair consisting mostly of rain sogged sandwiches, held by wind numbed fingers. Emmy Dale managed to do it all with gloves on. Dick Barrar ate while standing and alternating bites with body warming calisthentics. Evelyn Everett and Cathy Ellis made like mountain goats and picked their way down the side of a cliff to seek a wind-free lunch spot.

A weather change accompanied our early retreat, and as we double-timed it downward, snowflakes swirled and ice pellets pelted. Our adventure ended 2½ hour later within the snug confines of a well known pie place where hot drinks and cheery banter brought a pleasant ending to a trying day.

The troup consisted of: Richard Barrar, Emmy Dale, Bob Devine (leader), Cathy Ellis, Evelyn Everett, Wilbur Groner and Merle Traudt.

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