Black Butte

October 11, 1980

Co-leader Merle Traudt organized the Eugene Eleven who met Dave Predeek and leader Joe Lowry at 10 at the Black Butte Ranch parking lot. We exchanged farewells with several deer hunters at the trailhead parking lot departure point. The weather was cool with a high cloud layer, which did not obscure our view of the Cascades from Mt. Hood south to Broken Top. There was relatively little fall color to observe, possibly due to the dry warm early fall weather. There were many other hikers on top of the Butte on such a favorable afternoon. We stopped briefly at Camp Sherman and the head of the Metolius before heading back home. The Lucky Thirteen hikers were: Mary Babrick, Mary Bramble, Gladys Grancorvitz, Rebecca Krutz, Linda Loescher, Joe Lowry (leader), Kim McClain, Julie Natvig, Dave Predeek, Harlo Perrin, Marty Perrin, Char Staryk, Merle Traudt (co-leader).

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