Twins Peak

October 8, 1980

Eleven hikers left the South Eugene parking lot at 8:35 a.m. and were on the trail by shortly after 10:00. We set a slow hiking pace to make up for the liveliness of the conversation. Ewart answered questions from the leader and others about the geology of the area, pointing out glacial striae, the original contours of the rock flow, and crystalline coatings on the inside of bubbles in broken-off rock. We paused at the crossing of the Pacific Crest Trail for refreshments and then continued up through open forest whose rocks and trees gave us the feeling we were growing smaller as we climbed. We finally came out into sunlight at lunch time, struggled over red, purple, and orange cinders to the top of the first peak, to find all Waldo Lake spread out below us, smoke obscuring the drop beyond the lake, and the Cascades all around beaming at us like old friends. We had just gotten out our food when Robin Steussy joined us, having driven over on his own and walked up at an embarrassingly faster pace to have his birthday lunch with us. We ate, collapsed, named lakes and peaks, basked, then down and across, and up the other, higher twin. It became clear that the twins are remnants of a single crater, but that there had been another source of rock flow near to the east, now glaciated away to a few bones. We followed Ewart straight down into the little forest in the center and wound up sitting (and talking again) in the windless, grassy woods. Then out, with more geology, hiking stories, and talk of books and history.

This was the leader’s first time leading an Obsidian hike, and it seemed an extraordinary one for its people and talk on top of the weather and views. Thanks too to Emmy Dale for helping scout the trip. The hikers were Ewart and Margaret Baldwin, Bill Gabriel, Crystal Gand, Don Ladigan, Betty Legris, Elaine Puzan, Robin Steussy, Dan Weinstein, Merle Traudt, and Rachel (8) and John Powell, leader.

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