Mt. Yoran

September 27, 1980

We got off to a slaw start because the biggest huckleberries are at the beginning of the trail. Then Merle volunteered to run back to the cars to get the trip fees left behind by the leader in an unlocked car. After that we made good progress to Divide Lakes, arriving there a little too early for lunch, so we ate half our food, saving the rest to eat on the top of the mountain while enjoying a clear view above the valley fog. Lee, Dan and Walt decided the west side looked like a more interesting route so they scrambled up over loose rock, arriving at the top at the same time as the rest of us who took the longer usual route.

All were satisfied with their choice of routes. We took a few stops to patch blistered feet, followed by more rapid progress running from bees. Several people were stung, but no adverse reactions other than anger and fear. Back at the cars we had a pleasant surprise when Doris brought out a watermelon. Mt. Yoran people were Lee Hatch, Marsha Dorman, Elayne Puzan, Chris Barber, Karen Kangas, Merle Traudt, Anne Montgomery, Georgia Sharp, Julia Natvig, Mel Zavodsky, Emmy Dale, Walt Davis, Doris Allen, Dan Weinstein, Karen Lee, and Betty Legris (leader).

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