Erma Bell Lakes

September 21, 1980

Noteworthy: Two cars left 19th and Patterson at 8 a.m. sharp; the other departed at 8:10 after waiting for one hiker. Weather was cloudy until just after noon, when it cleared up beautifully. Thirteen hikers went to all three lakes. Arthur Porter remained at Middle Erma Bell and once again demonstrated his considerable fire-building skills and had a nice blaze going when the group came back from Upper Erma Bell. (Arthur built a fire for last year’s hikers too.) We enjoyed lunch around the fire. This was a most congenial group. The newcomers had a good introduction to the Obsidians.

Hikers were: Joella Ewing, Barbara Hasek, Stan Hasek, Mary Hogan, Jeannie Holmes, Myra Hottle, Bobbie Kalbfleisch, Helen Lynch, Harlo Perrin, Marty Perrin, Arthur Porter, Gwen Thomsen and leader Jack Ewing.

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