Rebel Rock trail

September 17, 1980

The Rebel Rock trail is formidable in many respects, two of which are its steep, rocky trail and the hordes of small but aggressive yellow jackets that zealously guard certain sections of the trail. At the mid-point in our hike, our group made the mistake of sitting on an old rotting log for a snack break, a log called “home” by the yellow jackets. Thereafter, all was confusion as the five of us sprinted uphill, batting bees as we went. John Powell got zapped three times, Don Ladigin not at all, and the rest of us got one each.

Lunch was taken at Olallie Overlook which provided fine views of peaks imposing and unimposing. The biggies, Jeff, the Sisters and Bachelor were shy of snow cover and consequently appeared somewhat drab.

When the brown bags were empty and our bellies full, we dropped down the far side of the ridge to visit the Rebel Rock Lookout, manned now-as-days only during lightning emergencies. We found the tower in remarkably good shape and sporting a fresh coat of battleship gray. Perched on the side of a cliff, it provided a beautiful view of the Upper South Fork drainage. This alone made the effort to get here worthwhile.

Reversing course at 1400 hours, we arrived back at our cars at 8:30 p.m. Enjoying the day were: Bob Devine (leader), Wilbur Groner, Don Ladigin, John Powell and Merle Traudt.

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