Martin Lake Loop

September 7, 1980

In spite of the missing sign-up sheet and the closed “Y”, 15 people showed at our 19th and Patterson meeting place on this misty morning. By the time we reached the Pacific Crest trailhead at Santiam Pass, the clouds were at eye level with a promise of rain. But it wasn’t long until we stopped for some to don shorts when the sun came out.

From the Crest trail we travelled northeast cross country to Martin Lake for lunch. By then it was so pleasant that three of the group jumped in for a swim. Then off we went to Booth Lake and on to Square Lake, lingering for a moment by the huckleberries.

At Square Lake, two more of the group became inspired to swim, while the Hasek girls tried to catch a crawfish with Victor and Rose Marie’s help (?) and I chatted with a lonesome Forest Service employee.

From there it was race the 2¼ miles to the cars by the Square Lake trail. The trail is a bit of a grind, but no one seemed to notice amid the lively arguments and pleasant conversations.

Our most mellow group consisted of Victor Bellotti, Emmy Dale, Linda Gordon, Barbara Hasek, Genee Hasek, Stanley Hasek, Tiffany Hasek, Helen Lynch, Rose Mario Moffitt, Ann and Gerald Morsello, Henrietta Richmond (leader), Clarence and Dorothy Scherer and Robyn Wasson.

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