Ditch Cabin to Moraine Lake

September 7, 1980

We left Eugene about 10 a.m. Saturday for a leisurely drive to the Ditch Cabin area. That is, after the “Y” did it again — couldn’t get in to obtain the sign-up sheet Friday as the rugs were shampooed and the list was missing Saturday morning.

We car and tent camped in a pleasant area near Ditch Cabin (Broken Top) area Saturday night. I was a little concerned about the weather coming in from the southwest, but it resulted in only a few rain drops. It was a perfectly beautiful fall day Sunday for hiking with drifting mists, clouds, and sunshine presenting a changing landscape.

We went cross-country following the creek to the moraine lake on the north-east side at Broken Top. Enroute we were rewarded with flower gardens, beautiful little streams and falls, and spectacular views. We were delighted and surprised when arriving at the lake to view floating ice islands in the pea green glacial lake. Anne couldn’t help herself and had to climb one more ridge beyond the lake, but this was anticipated and OK.

All of the party completed the trip. They included Morgan Broadly, Anne Montgomery, David Piercy, Kitty Piercy, Andrew Piercy, Al and Mike Niems, Elaine Quallis and Gerta Ross.

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