Yoran Lake

September 1, 1980

The sign-up sheet was locked up in the “Y” for the holiday, so it was a matter of “wait and see who shows up.” A few minutes past eight there were 10 of us so we headed out to Odell Lake and were on the trail at 10:00. A pleasant, slightly uphill walk through open forest with a few stops to eat Huckleberries brought us to the lake in a couple of hours. There we met Mike Wright and niece Kim who had stayed overnight.

Mike informed us we were not at Yoran Lake after all, it being a quarter mile further. But since it was lunch time, and a very nice lake, we stayed, explored, found nice camp sites, loafed in the sun and talked a lot. Then we walked on over to Yoran Lake, very nice also.

We reluctantly left, got across the SP tracks safely and got in line in heavy holiday traffic. We stopped in Oakridge where most of us had ice cream.

Members were Emmy Dale, Leona Mattson, Merle Traudt, Joanne Haines, Karen Houglum, and Betty Legris (leader). Others were Barbara Durchanek, Susan Watkins, Ken Miller and Marie Wright.

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