Blair Lake Trail

August 31, 1980

After making the decision to all go in one car, six of us left the Eugene high school parking lot on Sunday and drove to Oakridge where we turned off to the Salmon Creek Road and followed it until we found Road #2417 without any difficulty. We were quite surprised to find this road asphalt surfaced most of the way. We made one wrong turn to Road #253, much to the embarrassment of the leader and consternation of the driver, but all was forgiven (hopefully) and we found our way.

We hiked to three of the six lakes, including Upper and Lower Quinn and Long Lake (we could never see the end of this one). This lengthened the trip to eight miles instead of the five originally planned, but it was well worth it. This trail has designated viewpoints, all of which we explored. There is a distinct drop before going into the lakes basin. Therefore, it is a little steep coming out.

Most of those on the trip had always wanted to see this particular area and would like the opportunity to see the rest of the lakes which would make a good future hike, using a car shuttle starting from Waldo Lake and the Winchester trailhead. This would involve about 12 miles.

Hikers were: Bob Capron, Bette Hack (leader), Leona Mattson, Clarence and Dorothy Scherer and Gwen Thomsen.

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