Yapoah Crater

August 24, 1980

The role of the co-leader, I discovered belatedly, is writer of the trip report, so on with the August 24th Obsidian trip to Yapoah Crater. 7:45 a.m. in Eugene found 13½ (the one-half being a passenger who planned to camp along the Pacific Crest Trail for the next week — weather willing) eager Hikers. Eager to leave the fog shrouded valley for the open vistas of the Cascades — and our expectations were fulfilled. We stopped at Jennie B. Harris for the usual, by which time we were well into the bright sun of late August. Leaving the McKenzie Pass Road just beyond the Dee Wright Observatory we parked the cars at the trail head, introduced ourselves and agreed to meet again at South Matthieu Lake.

The glimpses of Lava flows, followed one-by-one by the mountains — Three Fingered Jack, Washington, Jefferson, and finally Hood, not to mention south to the North and Middle Sister — were spectacular, the sky unusually clear. Collected at South Matthieu Lake, we headed on for the last haul to Yapoah Crater where lunch was indulged in while one member delivered a reading on the geologic wonders spread around us in all directions. This discourse included a learned digression on Kabuki dancers as derived from the geologic term Kipuka, plus the attributes of a a lava, pa hoe hoe lava, even to the erudite definition of Yapoah, “A high rise apartment complex for senior citizens.”

Those enjoying, the day’s adventures were Bob Albrecht, Hal Busby, John Cecil, Barbara Duchaneck, Cathy Ellis (one way), Al Gamache, Wilbur Groner, Betty Legris, Don Payne, Lois Schreiner, Ann Smith, Merle Traudt, Karen Seidel (leader) and Lin Trombley (co-leader).

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