Obsidian Loop

August 16, 1980

Though it started out as a cloudy day, the sun, broke through shortly after we started. The mountains stayed visible until just before we got back, when clouds returned to cool us off. Some of the flowers were past their prime, but many were quite nice. Camp robbers, chipmunks, gold mantle ground squirrels and deer tracks were seen. Nuthatches, chickadees, juncos and ravens were heard. Some of the more heavily used camping spots have been declared off limits in an effort to let them revegetate. One of these is at White Branch, another near the top of Obsidian Falls. Also, Sunshine Meadows and along Obsidian Creek are posted against camping within 100 feet of the streams.

Many people were going in as we came out, including a climbing party with Becky Bascom. One person stopped us at White Branch and asked if that was the end of the trail. She and her dog were from New Hampshire and just hiking anywhere they could find a place on a cross country trip.

Marti Amberger, Mary Babarik, Tom Carlson, Barbara Duchanek, Jeff Phillips, Rebecca Randall, Eleanor Wilkerson, Ken Lodewick and Robin Lodewick (leaders) enjoyed this hike.

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