Fawn Lake

August 10, 1980

We departed et 8:20 a.m. for Odell Lake Lodge and regrouped at the Fawn Lake trailhead where introductions were made. Our pace was brisk and we covered the four and one-half miles to the lake in an hour and a half. A few hikers arrived at the lake a short time later. At that point the leader announced that everyone was free to swim, explore the area around the lake have lunch or take naps, as long as they gathered for the return trip at about 2:30. One energetic individual took the side trip that was offered to Saddle Lake. How was it, Wilbur?

After a relaxing afternoon we returned to the lodge. The day was beautiful but hot, so we paused at the lodge to enjoy something cold to drink before returning to Eugene. We arrived in town about 6 p.m. Nice day, nice hikers. It was good to see the youngsters (ages 7–15) on the trip.

Hikers included Harold Busby, Lana and Tim Conrad, Wilbur Groner, Dorothy Hayes, Karen Houglum, Janet Landers, Bunny, Pat and Christi Long, Gerald Morello, Sig, Mrs. Sig, Eric and Hans Otto, Merle Traudt, Lin Trombley and Mike Wright (leader).

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