Matthieu Lakes and Yapoah Crater

July 26, 1980

Fifteen hikers left the South Eugene High parking lot on a beautiful cloudless day. Lava Camp Lake turn-off was reached at 10:15 and we were on our way to South Matthieu Lake via the Pacific Crest Trail by 10:25. Still no clouds in the sky, but lots of ground haze in all directions. Could it be field burning or Mt. St. Helens or both?

Everyone stopped for lunch at 12:45 at the base of Yapoah Crater. (Dick Bentson says that Yapoah is Indian meaning “High Rise Apartment for the Elderly”.) Eleven of the group continued on up to the top of the crater where 45 minutes were spend walking around the rim and just lazing around.

The group started back down the trail at 3 p.m. with good progress being made until we arrived at South Matthieu Lake, where there was a revolt. It seems two of the group had brought their swimming suits, which would lead one to believe that the revolt was contemplated even before the trip began. The revolt was so successful that two more also went swimming in their trail clothes.

An hour later we left South Matthieu Lake for North Matthieu Lake via the Oregon Skyline Trail and arrived back at the cars at 5 p.m. On the way home another revolt occurred when two of the three cars stopped at Vi’s Pies at Vida. This revolt was even more successful. It accounts for the late 8:30 p.m. arrival in Eugene.

The hikers were Dick and Mary Bentson, Dallas Cole, Sharon Fraley, Gladys Grancorvitz, Marvin and Sue Girardeau, Helmut Hachenberg (Stuttgart, Germany), Karen Houglum, Janet Landers, Lauretta Ruttencutter, Georgia Sharp, Elinor Wilkerson and leaders Ruth and Wayne Lill.

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