Erma Bell Lakes

July 19, 1980

What a beautiful day to be out in the wilderness. Our trip to Erma Bell Lakes was a perfect trip. All 29 participants agreed to this. The group from town met the group from McKenzie Bridge at 126 and Cougar turn-off right on time. Got to Skookum Camp grounds about 10:30 and were met by a few mosquitoes; we all put on our repellent and had very little trouble on the trail.

It was a beautiful trail and we found many wild flowers on our way. There were rhododendrons, queens cup, wind flowers, pinedrops, beargrass, goat’s beard, ocean spray, columbine, monkey flower and many more. We wore especially surprised to find the rhododendrons in bloom this time of year.

We stopped at lower Erma Bell and the falls on the way to the Middle Lake, where we ate lunch at noon. After lunch, some of us went on to Upper Erma Bell; the mosquitoes made our stay a short one so we all went back to the lower lake where we had a leisurely time wading in the stream, and enjoying the beauty around us.

Some of the more ambitious ones walked to the lower end of the falls while the others had a lazy time in the shade. We were back to our cars by 3:15 and made a stop at Roaring River on the way home for a cool, refreshing drink of water.

The most enjoyable and friendly group included Beth Ammons, Evelyn Blackwell, Carol and Lonnie Bourgerie (leaders), Mary Jane and Al Crocker, Dottie Canlon, Ty Fredette, Peg Funkhouser, Angela Funkhouser, Rod Graves, Helmut Hachenburger, Christopher Houglum, Karen Houglum, Mike Hutchinson, Jackie Kennedy, Marg Koblas, Richard Ludescher, Janet Landers, Debbie Marshall, Bee and Bob Messrole and Granddaughter Melanie, Elizabeth McMullin, Jerry Nelson, Dave Predeek, Dorothy Turner, Jeanne and Angie Willard.

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