Iron Mountain

June 28, 1980

We left Eugene under cloudy skies but broke into clear, beautiful weather several miles west of the destination. The flowers were delayed by the cool, rainy weather so the display was not as much as usual. There were plenty, however, to keep four botanists busy.

We were assisted by Charlene Simpson and Sandra Poinsett was checking things for the Lane County Audubon Society. The lookout was busy working on painting, etc., in preparation for manning the lookout by next Wed. This is the only solar-equipped lookout anywhere. A discussion arose as to what mountains were visible to the north. One quite distant mountain was being called Adams, which we doubted. A check shows that it was probably Rainier. Seeing the lovely full range of snowcapped Cascades was an experience to remember.

We got quite excited about a plume of cloud that was rising and falling between Rainier and Hood; we thought it was St. Helens, but checking the map later shows that our live volcano would be west of all the others seen. Hikers: Mary Bramble, Tom Carlson, Barbara Durchanek, Mary Etter, Bill Foster, Bob Foster, Portia Foster, Betty Haralson, Maryann Holser, Miki Hutchison, Helen Kimmel, Jay Yoon-Lee, Kenneth Lodewick and Robin Lodewick (leaders), Sarah Mahler, Joel McClure, Edythe Pearson, Vi Phillips, Sandra Pionsett, Barbara Scherer, Julie Scherer, Brandt Scherer, Richard Scherer, Charlene Simpson, Lois Traegde, Eleanor Wilkerson.

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