Roman Nose Mtn and Esmond Lake

June 21, 1980

We left Eugene under uncertain skies headed west by Crow Road, Wolf Creek, Oxbow Jct on the Siuslaw and down River to Esmond Creek where we met Margaret Markley who had driven from Florence. Then we went up Esmond Creek to the Smith River divide and along a road leading up to Roman Nose, a mountain caused by the intrusion of hard rock which is resistant to erosion. We parked by the small lake in a rock quarry and climbed through the rhododendron, penstemon, beargrass and other interesting plants to the top where we looked out over a sea of forest and logged over area. We tried to locate places such as Spencer Butte, Bear Mtn, etc. It was cloudier toward the coast so we could not see the ocean. We returned to Esmond Creek and drove, then walked through brush to the log strewn lake. Then by walking logs we got far enough to look up the lake. The weather had become much better and was quite pleasant as we returned to Eugene. Walking the logs — Ewart Bladwin (leader), Lorene Bressler, Mary Ellen de la Penal, Sharon Fraley, Wilbur Groner, Karen Houglum, Bob Holmquist, Marjorie Kelm, Margaret Markley, John McManigal, Lenore McManigal, Bill Morse, Lois Morse, Lois Schreiner and Paula Vehrs.

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