Craig Lake (from Santiam Pass)

June 8, 1980

We left Eugene at 8:10 a.m. with 10 hikers, picking up Dave Predeek in McKenzie Bridge and Emmy Dale and friend Margaret Hadaway from their camp along the McKenzie River Trail. We left the trailhead at Santiam Pass at about 10:15. We encountered snow almost immediately. Probably 50–75% of the trail was still covered with snow, which made the going more work than anticipated, but no one complained too loudly, so we forged ahead. At Jack Shelter (or rather where old-timers know it used to be) we angled off toward Craig Lake. At the base of the hills (atop which lies the lake) we took an educated guess as to the place to start up, there being no trail in evidence. (Several persons had been to the lake in years past, but not recently. Wes was surprised to find that what he remembered as an open meadow now sports trees too tall to see over.) After a vigorous scramble up the hillside, we topped the ridge and found the lake dead ahead! (Not bad, if we do say so ourselves.) We found a nice lunch spot on rocks above the southwest end of the lake, free of snow, dry, sunny, mosquito-less and with a classic view of 3-Fingered Jack across the lake.

The lake itself was still mostly covered with ice, so (Bea) did not bother to break out the fishing gear. Besides avoiding a possible exercise in futility this decision also avoided the problems associated with the other possibility — success. (That is, deciding how to pack out one or several dead fish.)

We arrived back at the cars around 4 p.m., tired, but none the worse for wear, unless you count several pairs of squishy-wet feet . . . belonging to: Emeline Dale, Barbara Durchanek, Bea Fontana (leader), Dorothy Hayes, Margaret Hadaway, Bonnie Ledford, Betty Legris, Glenn Meares, Ray Mikesell, Anne Montgomery, Dave Predeek, Wes Prouty and Henrietta Richmond.

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