Silver Falls

May 4, 1980

We departed the parking area at 8:25 with 23 interested hikers and picture takers. We drove up I-5 to the Salem, Santiam exit and followed 214 from the Santiam to Silver Falls.

We began hiking at 10:45 with the exception of four long distance hikers, who we left at the So. parking area so they could do part of the route twice for a longer hike.

The hike was leisurely with everyone making lunch stops along the trail at whichever site they chose. The weather was beautiful. Many wild flowers were in full bloom. We regrouped about 2 p.m. at the So. falls for our return trip to the No. falls.

I heard rumors that a few hikers even took a swim to cool off. All but four made the round trip. A pleasant hike and a nice day.

Hikers included Rosilee Ayora, Mayo Bar-Hillel, Joan Borup, Bernie Claypool, Margaret Crosland, Emmy Dale, Robert Foster, Klara Farago, Joanne Haines, Lee Hatch, Dick Hildreth, Karen Houglum, Bobby Kalbfleisch, Teal Korn, Dorothy Medill, Carol Masson, Bob Northrop, Keena Northrop, Jim Northrop, Lois Schreiner, Clarence Scherer, Dorothy Scherer, Mike Wright (leader).

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