Gold Point

April 20, 1980

Rain, rain, Oregon rain! It did its best, but did not deter eleven eager Obsidian ducks—though eight others did back out. We left the parking lot at 0810 and arrived at the trailhead and set out at 0925. One group of four charged ahead, while the leader and the others proceeded at a leisurely pace. For a while a patch of blue sky caused unfounded optimism, but at about 1100 it settled down to a proper rain. The last of us reached the summit at 1215, where we ate our soggy lunches. After inspecting the summit, we started slogging out at 1300. We arrived at the cars at 1430, squishy but happy. We reached Eugene, defrosters still running, at 1600. Survivors were Susan Baker, John Cecil, Emmy Dale, Richard Eden, Lee Hatch, Richard Heinzkill, Kathy Klein, Betty Legris, Joe Lowry, Helen Smith, and leader Joel McClure. Achoo!

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