Deception Butte

April 13, 1980

This trip first took 16 members of the party up Forest Service Road #5847 to the trail just below Deception Butte. We began with a half-mile scramble up onto the Butte and then a leisurely walk down for six miles. The top of the trail was under snow, but not difficult, and the 2400 feet of decline provided a variety of zones of vegetation and temperature.

Besides the group who enjoyed the six mile hike, one carload with six hikers chose to go up from 58, thus doubling the distance. This contented their souls and offered two services to the larger group—a car at the bottom of the trail to be used for a shuttle and rubber waders left at the stream crossing which is just a mile or so from Highway 58.

The chief adventure of the outing was fording the stream, faster and with more water than usual due to recent melting snow. Only a few used the boots as most hikers chose to go barefooted through the cold water, many aided by sticks and the helping hand of Parker Riddle, who stood knee deep in the water and graciously aided anyone about to be swept downstream.

Excellent weather, many flowers and wonderful company. Hikers were Doris Allen, John Cecil, Richard Eden, Ruben Garcia, Wilbur Groner, Karen Houglum, Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, Helen Lynch, Elizabeth McMullin, J. A. Nyren, Lois Schreiner, Aaran and Parker Riddle, Karen Seidel, Robin Steussy, Gene and Tammy Thaxton, Paula Vehrs, Amy Wayson, Mike Wright and leader Emmy Dale.

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