French Pete?? Shotgun Creek

April 6, 1980

Sunday dawned sunny but it didn’t last long. By starting time from the SEHS parking lot it was raining. Only two Obsidians besides the leader appeared, but despite the weather we decided to go to French Pete anyway. Before we reached Blue River the rain changed to very wet snow. At the turnoff to Cougar Reservoir we met Bob Meserole, who had decided that he and Bee would not go as it had been snowing most of the night. We decided it would not be wise to go into French Pete considering the weather.

We did decide to go on to the McKenzie River Trail, but before getting to McKenzie Bridge changed our minds as the snow was getting heavier by the mile. Snow covered the trees to a low elevation on the surrounding hills. On the return to Eugene it stormed steadily.

However, we did not want to waste the day, so decided to go to Shotgun Creek. During our four mile hike it rained lightly intermittently; the sun shone for a short time too. We made two loops at Shotgun, first making the 2½ mile loop, then taking the shorter loop completing a modified figure 8. As we returned to the car it began raining heavily, and on our return to Eugene encountered a snow shower. Emmy Dale, Richard Eden, and leader Lois Schreiner arrived home before 3:00 p.m.

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