Sawtooth - Mt. June

March 30, 1980

Everyone was told that there was lots of snow on the trail, but seven of us wanted to hike anyway, so we did. The snow line began at the trailhead and it got deeper as we went up to the Hardesty-Mt. June Trail. We carefully crossed the steep-sided, drift-covered Sawtooth Ridge, (no, Wilbur, the wind does not always blow all the snow off Sawtooth) wishing we had crampons. Shortly we were in knee deep snow so we decided not to visit Hardesty Mtn. that day. It appeared that someone had already been on the Mt. June Trail so we went back to try that but found our unknown trail breaker soon quit. By then we were all really getting into it, so we set off to reach the top of Mt. June anyway, which we did, through hip deep snow. We quickly ate our lunch in a chill wind, found lots of familiar landmarks through especially clear air. We returned tired and wet and it was fun.

The seven were: Marti Amberger, John Cecil, Dick Hildreth, Helene and Tom Johnston, Lisa Watkins, and Betty Legris, leader.

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