Gold Point

February 17, 1980

The early morning downpour may have been a deciding factor when several of the dozen people who signed up for the hike failed to make it to the parking lot. Those who did enjoy the very good day of hiking — taking with good humor the wrong turns on the way to the trail 'head, and the fallen trees to be clambered over (or under) on the trail.

The “moderate” grade of the trail appeared at times to be more accurately described as “steep,” but perhaps that is only an illusion caused from walking steadily uphill for four miles. However several, rocky outcroppings along the ridge provided good places to rest and enjoy the view. We found a few early flowers, a little sunshine, and not a trace of snow. After an early return to the car, we decided on a side trip to the quarry overlooking Lookout Point from which the rock for the dam was taken. By then the fog and drizzle had turned to rain and we arrived back at the car only slightly wet. Those dedicated hikers were John Cecil, Joanne Haines, Lee Hatch, & Betty Legris (leader).

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