Hendrick’s Park to Spencer Butte

January 30, 1980

Our first Wednesday hike brought a turnout of ten hardy souls who ventured out in the prevailing sub-freezing arctic air. In setting up the return car shuttle, half the group were left cooling their heals at the Hendrick’s Park shelter. Among those left to shiver and shake was the ever resourceful John Powell, who had the foresight to bring with him a quarter truckload of seasoned firewood. But the promise of a cheery fire fast faded for lack of a candle — or was it matches?

Shortly before 10 a.m. our group, reunited, headed south along the Ribbon Trail. Emmy Dale thought that the name might have come from the trail being so narrow and sinuous. Others thought that the red ribbons, marking critical turn points along the trail, could have been the name source.

As we passed the Obsidian Lodge, Lee Hatch gave us a quick course on how to scale a climbing wall. Lee made it look easy.

Pushing on, we crossed 30th Ave. and plunged into a section of the route requiring bushwhacking and a bit of compass work. This was followed by a long juant down back country roads populated mostly (it seemed) by back country dogs.

We enjoyed lunch with a fine view of our destination. The sharp nip in the air prompted us to waste no time once the last sandwish (or green pepper???) was gulleted and gone.

A series of Hills and Dales brought us to Streisinger’s mailbox where a final turn was made, setting us off with renewed vigor toward the summit of Spencer Butte. Enjoying the crisp day and the brisk hike were: John Cecil, Emmy Dale, Bob Devine (leader), Lee Hatch, Kathy Heerema, Flo Kraft, K. C. Kraft, Betty Legris, Helen Lynch, John Powell and Joyce Wolpert.

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