Around Old Baldy, Coburg Hills

January 27, 1980

Eight Obsidians and seven non-members circled Old Baldy (2,990 ft.) in the Coburg Hills. Weather initially was very cold and overcast. Driving distance from the “Y” park blocks being only 12 miles, this hike is a real fuel saver!

Starting under the power lines at the far end of McKenzie View Drive, what is usually a soggy, damp approach, was this day frozen solid underfoot, and the top of Old Baldy was attained in good time. A cold wind shortened our stay in the open there, and then on to TV tower Channel 13 — “Fifteen Degrees” said the external Thermometer at the base of the tower, but our lunch break was most enjoyable as we sat in bright sunshine.

Distant views north were obstructed by thick smog in the Willamette Valley, but clean, new snow could be seen on Mary’s Peak.

Dropping rapidly down the access road, then climbing on up steep Lockard Road, we had another leisurely break in the open meadow overlooking Hayden Bridge area. The thin soil of this very pretty hill top had been desecrated by 2-wheel enthusiasts since our last visit here last March. One final plunge down through a rocky gully brought us back to the power lines and our parked cars. Circling Old Baldy were: Bill Blowers, Bernie Claypool, Evelyn Davenport, Sue Girardeau, Joanne Haines, Lee Hatch, Betty Legris, Mary Murphy, Richard, Charlotte, Julie and Brandt Scherer, John and Bonnie Svejcar, and John Cecil (leader).

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