Hayrick Butte (Spencer’s Butte)

January 4, 1980

As often happens, our four cars departed under overcast, rainy skies with hope that the rain would end (or better still, turn into snow), as we headed east toward Hoodoo. Unfortunately, our positive thoughts were ineffective, and the rain only became more pronounced as we arrived at McKenzie Bridge, where we met two other carloads of skiers from that area.

They had just verified by phone that the rain was heavy, at Hoodoo Lodge with a temperature of 38°. The consensus was negative toward skiing in the rain, so the trip was cancelled and each car’s passengers decided where to proceed. Five Eugene skiers hiked up Spencer’s Butte and had lunch before returning home.

Those on the trip included Carol Bourgerie, Lonnie Bourgerie, Al Crocker, Mary Jane Crocker, Margaret Graff, Wilbur Groner, Brian, Lee and Wayne Hatch, Dick Higgins, Helene Johnston, June Knori, Dot Leland, Joe Lowry (leader), Bea Meserole, Bob Meserole, Al Niems, Dave Predeek, Loretta Ruttencutter, Charles Swanson, and Vicki Swanson.

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