South Sister

August 30-31, 1980

On Friday afternoon we arrived at Green Lakes in time to set up our tents and “chow down” dinner and then it started to pour buckets (rain that is). Those without tents doubled up with those with. All stayed reasonably dry and by morning the storm had blown over and we had excellent climbing weather. There was about a quarter of an inch of fresh snow above the 9000' level. As is my custom I broke the group into fast and slow. Arran led the speeders and they were on the summit in three hours and fifteen minutes. I led the plodders and we were up the red ridge and on top in four hours and forty-five minutes. There was light snow on top and the lake was totally frozen over. Three climbers optioned to stay in camp and enjoy a relaxing day around the lakes and lovely meadows. I’d estimate that there were approximately 100 climbers on the mountain this Sunday, but plenty of room for all. We met the Bill, Maxine McWhorter family on top. There sure were a lot of dogs around — even climbing. The red ridge doesn’t seem to get any easier year after year and I’m sure not getting any younger. Most of our group were down and out to the cars for the long drive home by six, while a few chose to stay overnight and come out on Labor Day. Enjoying this mountain trek were Harold Akers, Bob Devine, Wilbur Groner, Mike Hackett, Betty and Paul Harmon, Lee Hatch, Dorothy Hayes, Mark Kontny, Ed Lovegren, Susan Meyer, Greg Murphy, Melony Peterson, Dave Predeek, Kathy Stroh, Mark Simmons, and co-leaders Parker and Arran Riddle.

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