South Sister via Green Lakes Route

August 9-10, 1980

This was one of those rare trips where nearly everyone was smiling at the beginning and at the end of the trail, as well as most of the time in between. We felt lucky to have fine weather which helped in all ways.

Our Saturday hike in was leisurely, so when we arrived at Green Lakes it took a little checking around to find space because many other hikers and climbers were already set up. We had a fairly warm night with the main discomfort being a persistent wind which rattled tent flaps and stirred a few imaginations.

We left camp on Sunday just past 6 a.m. with fine conditions and a very able group. Going up, we decided to stay below the Lewis Glacier except for Parker, who was the only member of the party carrying an ice axe. Everyone was up by at least 11, so we spent a good hour or more on top enjoying the view and chatting with other climbers, including an Obsidian party who had slept on the summit. Going down, we crossed the Glacier and enjoyed it tremendously.

Notable details include Lee Hatch’s participation in both the Saturday summit party and our climb. This was accomplished by Lee going up with Bert, Gene, Sam and Tim, then descending to sleep at Green Lakes and go up again on Sunday. For Donna McCoy this was a first climb. Another first was Guru’s menu for the weekend which included seven cantaloupes . . . if not a first for Guru, certainly for an Obsidian climb menu.

This party included John Cecil, Emmy Dale (co-leader), Lee Hatch, Liz Igl, Guru Bhandhu Khalsa, Betty Legris, Donna McCoy, David Predeek, Henrietta Richmond (co-leader), Arran Riddle, Parker Riddle, Patricia Smith, Tony Smith, Dorothy van Winkle, Paula West and Jan White.

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