Mt. Hood

June 21-22, 1980

We camped at Still Creek, as Alpine Campground was still closed by snow. We rose at 0300 and arrived at Timberline parking lot at 0415, where conditions were unfavorable. It was cold and windy, the mountain was in cloud extending below Silcox Hut, and earlier parties were turning back. As some of our party had gone to climbing school but not yet climbed on snow, we decided to ascend to a good slope and practice, setting out at 0445. After a good workout the wind had moderated and the cloud line risen, so we decided to ascend to Silcox Hut and wait. However, the weather steadily improved and we just kept on climbing. After getting above the Palmer chairlift, we began to meet parties returning from the summit. We all reached the summit at about 1215, but did not tarry, as it was very cold and windy with no visibility to the north. We had sun on part of the descent, and enjoyed good glissades, both sitting and prone. We reached Timberline, wet and happy, at 1530. After changing to dry clothes we drove back to Eugene, making a stop for dinner and arriving at 2100. Our party, good sports all, included Kathy Klein, Rachel Robertson, Gene Thaxton, Nancy White, Donna Wolcott, Kris Wolters, and leader Joel McClure.

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