Mt. Thielson

June 20-21, 1980

Four of us braved the long drive to Diamond Lake. Actually, we picked up Chris and Carolyn Kadas at Sutherlin, so they didn’t have so long to drive.

We got up bright and early Saturday morning and started up the trail at 9 a.m. Snow started covering the trail after about 1½ miles. From there we walked on snow until we arrived at the scree slope. From there we picked our way among the rocks, and arrived at the base of the pinnacle and had a nice lunch in the warm sun on top. The weather started to close in and cool off so we then decided to go down. We had a nice slide down the scree slope, which is still snow covered, walked down a trail, and bushwacked the last mile out to Diamond Lake.

It was a nice, leisurely climb. The weather was warm, with clouds coming in toward the end of the day, and the winds light, a nice fine quick party. Those along were Duane Krough, Chris Kadas, Carolyn Kadas and Kevin McManigal (leader).

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