Mt. McLoughlin

May 18, 1980

Can you believe it? An exciting climb of Mt. McLoughlin! It all started before 7 a.m. when some distance out of camp, Liz Igl discovered she had left her water bottle back at the car. Gentleman Gene Thaxton jogged back and retrieved it. Even with the soft snow we had, Mt. McLoughlin is always a thirsty climb. At approximately 8:32 and also a few minutes later, we heard a couple of booms, like sonic booms, but somehow different. We had actually heard Mt. St. Helens blowing up some 350 miles away!

Arrived at the summit around 12:00 and although most of the sky was blue and the weather perfect, we could not comprehend the steel gray cloud that seemed so large as to be a weather front to the north covering the entire sky. On the way home we got the news at the Oakridge ice cream shop that the cloud was the Mt. St. Helens eruption and cinder cloud that eventually crossed the entire U. S.

On the descent, six Navy jets roared just overhead at 9,000 feet. We could look right in cockpits at the pilots. A fitting tribute to Obsidian Chief Jetstream (Dick Moffitt) who was just then completing his tenth peak for the Ten Peak Leadership Award.

Those making this Sunday, May 18 climb of Mt. McLoughlin were, members: Doris Allen, Anna Fürnsteiner, Günther Fürnsteiner, Lee Hatch, Liz Igl, Betty Legris, Dick Moffitt (leader) and Gene Thaxton. Nonmembers were: Paula Smith and Pat Ward.

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