Mt. Hood

March 8-9, 1980

A cold, windy weekend it was on Mt. Hood—blustery with shifting clouds; the type of weather that’s betwixt and between—one minute the summit is visible, the next minute it disappears into the clouds.

Getting a late start (6:00 a.m.), our group of four left Timberline parking lot on skis and headed for the summit. After two hours the leader dropped out due to health problems, and Norm Benton took charge of the group. A short time later Bruce Coulter turned back due to inadequate boots. The day was cold and blustery, and boots that would be adequate for a Spring climb could have caused frostbite on this day. Norm and Nancy White continued on, determined to make the summit, but by the time they reached the Devil’s Kitchen, they were in whiteout conditions and decided to turn around and head for the barn. On this trip were Norm Benton, Bruce Coulter, Nancy White and leader Jack Nitzel.

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