Wildlife Safari

March 23, 1980

40 people, 10 of them non-members, went on a lovely Spring Day in the new O’Connell bus. The bus has high windows, comfortable seats, familiar driver Don Moorehead and something new: Jo Dooley as hostess.

We arrived about 10:30 a.m. at the gate and received special tickets for a bus load of senior citizens at a special rate. Betty Oft, sister of Chief Ki-Yi (Bob Wilson) was the bus guide and described the animals in great detail. At one point she got out and called a friendly camel over for an apple, which he inhaled. She climbed in rapidly, and the animal proceeded to stick his face up to the window. A special show! Another was the action of two hippos, which walked across the road in front of us, and plopped into the pond, looking top-heavy. Another was a brief fight between two cheetahs. We learned the difference between the Asian and African elephants. Ewart told us the difference between antlers, and the protuberances made up of hair all grown together to a point.

We stopped for lunch in the headquarters grounds where Jeff Leach showed and described flying birds of prey. These birds had been injured and he rehabilitates them and releases them back to the wild. We made a second pass through the grounds so all had two chances to see after we changed seats.

Our return took us by some back roads Ewart knows by heart — through pastoral scenes, to the large metropolitan center of Lookingglass, where Norm Nibblet operates the only general store as self appointed mayor. The tiny community boasts one of everything cities have — a manhole cover, fire hydrant, telephone booth, and parking meter, none of which is connected.

We stopped by the early town of Oakland and Ewart described geologic points of interest throughout the trip.

Enjoying the trip were: Ewart Baldwin (leader), Margaret Baldwin, Mary Bridgeman, Ella Carrick, Buck Carter, Grace Carter, Ann Connell, Ella Douda, Bill Eaton (leader), Geraldine Fehly, Miriam Flock, Harriet Friday, Bette Hack, Jane Hilt, Mildred Holm, Doris Lyon, Jean Maxwell, Joel McClure, Jackie McClure, Elwina Meacham, Anne Montgomery, Flo Moore, Frances Newsom, Daisie Niccolls, Frances O’Neil, Bonita Rickard, Enid Rondeau, Gerta Ross, Clarence and Dorothy Scherer, Lois Schreiner, Myrtle Smith, Gene Thaxton, Delores Thaxton, Paula Vehrs, June Walton, Earnest and Meta Watson, Helen Weiser and Virginia West.

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