Hoodoo to East end of McKenzie Highway

April 14-15, 1979

A party of seven made this ski trip in spite of the weather which was shaping up as the kind when normal people stay home. There was not a speck of snow at White Branch (the original destination) so we hastily agreed to Bob Smythe’s suggestion to go out the east side near Sisters. By the time we made the car shuttle and fed our faces, we had a nice early start at 12:00 noon. Then Marriner, the great leader, got the party thoroughly lost in the young, thick timber around Big Lake as we could not find or follow the trail. After three hours of struggle, we finally broke out into more open country and had excellent touring.

The next morning, a light cover of fresh snow made the world a winter wonderland. We skied across the open lava fields around Belknap and had some long glides down to Dee Wright Observatory—then down the road toward Sisters.

The clearing weather on Sunday gave us some superb views of the mountains through broken clouds. Those on the trip were Bill Bankston, Bert Ewing, Mel Mann, Sam Miller, Cathy Russell, Bob Smythe and leader Marriner Orum.

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