HooDoo-Big Lake

March 31, 1979

When I picked up the sign-up sheet on Friday evening there were ten people, but only one driver. However, by Saturday morning, the group consisted of twelve people and three drivers. We left the parking lot at 8:30 a.m. and got to HooDoo Ski area about 10:30.

Starting up over the pass between Hayrick and HooDoo it was windy with icy snow stinging our faces. Once we got around to the backside of Hayrick it was no longer windy and we could enjoy the new snow that had fallen during the past week. Going down some of the hills proved to be more than an adequate challenge for some members of the group, but they made it either sitting, standing or in combination. We found a sheltered spot to have lunch while still in the foothills on the south side of Hayrick. After descending from the butte to the flatlands, some of the group decided they had had enough challenges for one day and they continued immediately around the base of the butte and back to the cars. The rest of the group headed southeast looking for the Skyline Trail which they never found. They did find the Old Santiam Wagon Road. A short distance down, the road and we were at Big Lake. We skied onto the lake to get a better view but it was so overcast we could not see to the end of the lake. Then we took the Big Lake road back to our cars arriving about 3:00 p.m.; and back to Eugene shortly after five.

A good group with a wide range of skiing skills which did not prevent us from enjoying one another’s company included Anthony Burgan, Jack Ewing, Joella Hadland, Roger Hine, June Knori, Dot Leland, Kathy Miller, Marriner Orum, Jack & Pam Perkins, Paula Vehrs, and leader Richard Heinzkill.

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