Maklaks Loop

March 24, 1979

There was not enough snow along the lake trail to start the loop from the lodge, so we parked the cars at the Davis Lake Road Snow Park area. We skied in about 2½ miles to Maklaks Creek. It was a clear, beautiful, warm, sunshiny day and we enjoyed our lunch stop by the creek where we rested and sunbathed. The road was very icy and rough in spots so we turned back and skied along the lower Maklaks loop trail. There was good snow here, and at the end of this 1½ mile stretch we practiced some downhill skills including the Telemark. At about 3:15 we decided we would take the power line trail all the way back to the cars. This two-mile route has some very steep hills with thrilling down hill runs. Since snow conditions were good we all enjoyed the challenge and made it back by 4:00. Before leaving for Eugene we stopped at Odell Lodge where our group enjoyed refreshments and a pleasant ending to our seven-mile loop trip. Spring skiers were Dave Bentley, Dan Brawnstein, Elaine and Roger Hine, Gladys Grancorvitz, June Knori, Bonnie Ledford, Aileen Lynam, Herb McMurtry, Henrietta Richmond, Sally Scott, Joyce Wolport, Yvonne Young and leader Dot Leland.

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