Odell Butte

March 17, 1979

Three hours up and one hour down—granular snow conditions were ideal for the six-mile descent. Sun, drifting grey clouds, and snow flurries were above, while crystalline, sparkling, white snow, bunny tracks, California Red Fir, and the Ponderosa Pine were below. The summit of the Butte, at the lookout is 7,033 feet elevation. The lookout entrance is blocked this time of year. However we did enjoy the sweeping view of the entire area (Crescent Lake, Odell Lake, Davis Lake). I estimate the elevation gain from highway 58 is approximately 2000 feet. We had a half inch of new powder snow on a two to three foot base. No snowmobiles this day. David made it all the way down without falling! This tour was originally scheduled for Mary’s Peak, but for lack of snow it was changed to Odell and I’m glad we switched because conditions turned out so ideal at Odell. Enjoying a nice day were Bea Fontana, June Knori, Dave Predeek, Wes Prouty, Arran, Kevin and leader Parker Riddle.

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