Pengra Pass

March 4, 1979

A forecast of rain threatened to turn this trip into a hike, but we packed 18 people into three cars and took off for the pass anyhow. The sky was overcast as we started down the trail but the sun broke through and we were soon shedding jackets and getting out sunglasses.

We followed the Pengra Pass road for a mile and a half, turned left at the sign post and had a good downhill run to the railroad tracks. After crossing the tracks we followed the plowed out road to Trapper’s Creek Campground and then over to Odell Lake where we ate lunch. During lunch we watched three daring people ski across the frozen lake and hoped we wouldn’t be called on for a rescue. We returned by the same route; snow conditions remained good, and all were back to the cars about 3:15 p.m. Lots of neat people on this trip; everybody stayed together and it was a really nice group experience. Skiers were Anne and John Bonine, Dan Braunstein, Tom Brinton, Lorayne Chapman, Victoria Erickson, Ellen Kotz, Gladys Grancorvitz, Bill Jolliff, Tina Jungert, Dorothy Leland, Bob and Dick Moffitt, Clarence & Dorothy Scherer, Harvey Shuhnan, Charlene Simpson, and leader Leona Mattson.

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