Pacific Crest/Berley Lakes Trails

March 3, 1979

Ten skiers left the trailhead at about 10:30 a.m., skied north on the Crest Trail and once off this and into the Berley Lakes trail broke trail until our lunch break about in the vicinity of the Old Jack shelter. The snow had not settled as yet from the previous couple of weeks of steady snowing and was very deep making trail breaking a slow process. But even with this and a steady drizzle of snow/rain, it was a good day with a fine group of people. Because of the hour and the dampness, we progressed no further towards the lakes and returned to the cars by 2:30 p.m., where we found the leader’s little car’s left front headlight and housing had valiantly tried to withstand the blow from the corner of a snowplow—but had failed. The State temporarily repaired the light and turn signal at their maintenance station, agreed to future corrective repairs, and we returned to Eugene. Those enjoying the day together were Todd Cannon, Emmy Dale, Bea Fontana, Jane Hackett, Wayne Lill, David Predeek, Wes Prouty, Cathy Riggleman, Bill Wynkoop, and leader Glenn Meares.

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