Fay Lake

February 18, 1979

I had asked signers-up to pray for snow and colder weather; at least we got snow alright, wet and heavy, but fresh and lots of it! Biggest problem was finding enough parking spaces for six cars (not counting four people who met us at the trailhead; we were 21 people from Eugene). Second biggest problem was getting 26 people to wait for me to form a circle and introduce themselves. But maybe with that big a crowd you wouldn’t remember half the people’s names anyway. The logging road connecting with Route #22 is now #2267; old #110 has been renumbered 2257. The trail was smooth: no snow plows or vehicle tires had touched it. Arrived at the Lake at one o’clock, spent an hour feeding ourselves and the birds, while getting pelted with heavy lumps of snow off tree branches overhead. But sitting on the Lake seemed risky: a couple of people had broken through the snow and slush beneath, which covered the ice of the Lake some eight inches. The run back out could have been faster for some, but was just right for others. Back at the cars at 3:00 p.m. Some cars stopped at the White Water Cafe in Blue River; my car stopped at Vi’s Cafe on U.S. 126 to visit with Beate (Bay-uh-tay, stress on 2nd syllable), their new waitress from Germany, and eat all her homemade pies. Skiers were Tom Brinton, Todd Cannon, Emmy Dale, Donna Ferchland, Maggie Gontrum, Carol Green, Jane and Michael Hackett, Barbara Harding, Lauren Houchen, Bonnie Ledford, Dot Leland, Leona Mattson, Audrey Nickodemus, Carol Prufer, Arran and Parker Riddle, Jan White, Jill Wolfe and leader Hank Plant.

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