Rosary Lake

February 10, 1979

Drizzly rain all day—snow showers at Rosary Lake and cold. Had some hot tea and skied back to the lodge. Ski conditions were slow with mushy snow due to drizzle. The three “explorers”—Kevin, Shawn and Ruth—practiced advanced downhill techniques on bunny slope. Mud slides just before the tunnel closed Highway 58 for an hour. Leader’s car broke down in Oakridge for a three—hour delay and a new thermostat. An improvised chess game between Kevin and Shawn helped pass the time. Ducks lost in overtime to Arizona. Bleep! Finally home and still raining at 9:00 p.m. Strange day but enjoyable, even though it was sad to see tons of nice snow disappear. Special note to drivers: Beware of very bad road surface conditions on Highway 58 near the top of the pass. It’s really breaking up and there are a lot of pot holes and broken pavement.—Arran and Parker Riddle. Skiers were Jane Hackett, Shawn Reiersgaard, Ruth Williams, Marian Streeter, and Kevin and leader Parker Riddle.

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