Skyline Trail North of Santiam Pass

February 3, 1979

The group opted to have a “pit stop” at the Rusty Skillet on the way up. This was a good idea, but considering the amount of coffee and tea consumed the relief was probably only temporary.

The road was icy so we “chained up” at Carmen Smith Reservoir area and left them on until we got back to McKenzie Bridge.

Snow was good for snowshoeing, but we made a trail 6" to 8" deep so we traded off breaking trail. Tree wells indicated about 5 feet of snow & there was a beautiful snowfall during the trip—about 2"—and on the cars when we got back. Snowshoers were Joan Benson, Ted Stern, Wilbur Groner, Helen Hughes, Paula Vehrs, Becky Suleeby & leader Clarence Landes.

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