Little Odell Butte

January 21, 1979

Our six-car party left Eugene as the sun tried, with only partial success, to burn off the morning fog and haze. After a stop at Willamette Pass to evaluate snow conditions, we arrived at our supposed destination about 10:30.

When we arrived at the Southern Pacific Railroad crossing in the early afternoon, it was apparent that the leader had led the ski group (with Ted Stern on snowshoes) down the wrong access road and that we were about 1½ miles too far south of Little Odell Butte. We continued about another mile further toward Big Marsh and stopped for lunch. After lunch there was time for most to take a few good downhill runs near our lunch site. There were only 68 inches of fairly crusty snow, but the skiing was satisfactory abetted by sunshine part of the day. We headed for home after pushing a couple of cars out of the snow where we’d pulled off the highway to avoid the State tow trucks. Skiers were Elaine Barnes, Donna Ferchland, Dick Hildreth, Bonnie Ledford, Dot Leland, Bob and Merrily Mann, Leona Mattson, Glenn Meares, Jan Middleswart, Parker & Kevin Riddle, Wes Prouty, Kathi Stroh, Bev Thomas, Dennis Urso, Steve and Jo Uban, snowshoes Ted Stern and leader Joe Lowry.

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