Pengra Pass

January 14, 1979

It was foggy as we left Eugene at 8:30 for Pengra Pass. At Lookout Point Dam the sun came through the clouds, but still the view to Diamond Peak was obscured. It had snowed a lot at the Pass and the roads were not sanded, nor was the parking area plowed. We left one car near Salt Creek Falls Campground and managed to squeeze the other two in at the viewpoint area.

The sun was lovely as we started our trip at 11:30, but had retreated by the time we stopped for lunch on Abernathy Road. The trees were beautifully draped with snow, but it was very deep and very sticky. Some time was spent scraping down skis and waxing there. Donn Chase was our official trail breaker for some time and it was exhausting work. Finally another group with two unwilling dogs took over that chore.

After skiing down the Abernathy Road for a couple of miles, we crossed the railroad tracks for a long downhill run in the sticky snow. A few miles on the level on another road which parallels the highway brought us to another downhill run and finally to Highway 58 at 3:30 p.m. By then it was raining very lightly.

Our drivers who returned to Gold Lake turnout for the cars reported about 18 frustrated people there whose cars had been towed away for parking too far into the roadbed (none of our group, fortunately). The shuttle completed, we headed home about 4:00 p.m. It was a fine trip, but because of the sticky snow we were well aware that we had traveled at least six miles. Skiers were Harry Austin, Donn Chase, Richard Heinzkill, Emmy Dale, Theresa Hockett, Leona Mattson, Glenn Meares, Monique Murphy, Marian Streeter, Rod & Kathi Stroh, John Zaerr, and leader Henrietta Richmond.

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