Gold Lake

January 7, 1979

This was the first scheduled ski trip of the season, intended to be a short run for beginners and those wanting to limber up. Several members of the party had never been on skis before, several others only once or twice.

The Gold Lake Trailhead at 10:30 felt fiercely cold and windy. Quickly on the trail, everyone warmed up joyfully and began to appreciate the optimum snow conditions. Optimum, especially for beginners, being soft and fluffy and not too fast.

Our party moved along so well that we went on past the Gold Lake shelter and farther up into the woods where we lunched in a sunny open place with a view of the lake. Four energetic members of the party ran an exploratory expedition around the end of the lake while the rest of the group skied out the same route we came in. We all joined up in good time near the trailhead before three o’clock; easily back in Eugene before 5:00 p.m. Included in this congenial group were Mary Bridgeman, Donna Ferchland, Jane Hackett, Brian, Lee and Wayne Hatch, Frank, Joan & Mark Hladky, Betty Legris, Leona Mattson, Dick Moffitt and leader Emmy Dale.

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