Annual Christmas Tree Trip

December 9, 1979

There is a satisfaction of going into the woods, finding and cutting your own tree. So twenty-four persons, counting little people, showed up for this short outing.

We went to the Lowell Ranger Station where we obtained our permits, then up to one of the cutting areas where there was an abundance of trees. It was only a few minutes until Parker Riddle and I found the tree for the lodge and had it on top of his car. (Editor’s note: Bet the tree was bigger than the car.) The others soon found the trees that they were looking for and we headed home.

Those on the trip included: Rontsuzy Crusineck, Nick Dale, Friday Grossman, Gladys Grancorvitz, Karen Houglum, Marjorie Koblas, Betty and Ned Kjeldgaard, Rachel Major, Morsello Family, Iggy Rummel, Parker Riddle, Bonnie Ledford, Richard Scherer Family, Dorothy Turner and Leader Marriner Orum.

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